About us

'Connect the Unconnected'

GlobalmatiX AG, a subsidiary of the listed Softing AG, is a globally active company in the field of 'Connected Fleet'. Increasingly complex mobility offerings require connected fleets with digital vehicles for new applications. This is exactly what Globalmatix AG has set itself the task of doing and provides an innovative 'Car-to-Cloud-to-Company Management (C3M)' for Shared Mobility to meet this challenge.
The core is the 'GlobalmatiX Telematics Interface', which can be used as a data logger and gateway and can be quickly and easily installed in any vehicle. Our hardware delivers the 'highest data range and data depth on the market', as our many years of diagnostic experience mean that we can also read and translate data from sources that were previously used exclusively by OEMs. The focus is on 'multi-brand support' and thus lets us evaluate every vehicle model from all manufacturers in terms of data. Almost in real time, the data is transmitted to the 'analysis cloud'. There, the collected data is aggregated, processed, analyzed and prepared for further use by our customers and transmitted in real time. In order to make this valuable 'data 100% secure' available to our customers, every single transaction is protected against unauthorized third-party access via a 'patented encryption process'.

Our own mobile phone license helps to ensure a high quality and fast transfer of the data at any time and from anywhere. The data tariff for this is already integrated.
The high resolution of the captured, detailed vehicle data delivers almost limitless coverage of digital analysis and use cases, as well as services for end customers that were previously not possible.