carValoo Uses the GlobalmatiX xTCU Interface as Telematics Solution for Highly Precise Accident Damage Detection and Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Performance and scaling potential of the xTCU were decisive
  • Digitalization in large fleet management is still in its infancy
  • Very pleasing GlobalmatiX business performance and outlook in 2022

03. May 2022 | Vaduz/Essen

In search of a high-performance and scalable telematics interface, thyssenkrupp subsidiary carValoo GmbH (Essen) has opted for the xTCU Interface from GlobalmatiX AG. The start-up based in Liechtenstein, a subsidiary of the listed company Softing AG (headquartered in Haar near Munich), can thus report a further significant order in Germany just a few months after its German product launch. On the basis of artificial intelligence (AI), carValoo offers fleet operators, particularly car sharing, rental car and logistics companies, digital solutions for reducing costs and increasing operative performance. carValoo provides full transparency of the relevant vehicle status at all times and reports even minor damage in real time. The data needed for this is made available “over the air” by the GlobalmatiX xTCU Interface and in real time.

Digitalization and bi-directional communication “over the air” (OTA) between the vehicle and vehicle owner are the key to cost-efficient and customer-oriented fleet management in the future. The automotive manufacturers’ OTA offerings, which are now on the increase but focused on the end customer, are far from sufficient, however, to meet digital requirements in the large fleet sector. Both GlobalmatiX and carValoo are pioneers in this market which currently comprises considerably more than 250,000 vehicles in Germany in the car sharing and rental car company sector alone and is constantly rising. The total potential in the German large fleet and freight transport sector is likely to be over three million vehicles. The major advantage for both GlobalmatiX and carValoo is the fact that they are brand-independent. Both the xTCU Interface and the AI software solutions from carValoo are easy to implement in all passenger cars, vans and trucks, and can be transferred when changing vehicles.

GlobalmatiX xTCU Enables Maximum Data Density and Security

The xTCU Interface is a 4G/LTE CAN data logger and GPS telematics interface specially developed for “Car-to-Cloud-to-Company” use cases. It is smaller than a smartphone and can be installed in any vehicle in just a few minutes, thus enabling the acquisition of OBD data or diagnostic data from the ECUs. For car-sharing applications, the box can also open and close vehicle doors without a key. The telematics interface certified in the EU and the US enables access to a wide range of vehicle data in top quality – regardless of the vehicle brand. GlobalmatiX offers a previously unreached level of security against unauthorized access by third parties with its innovative, patented encryption technology and proprietary 4G/LTE wireless network.

In other words, a single GlobalmatiX xTCU can acquire and analyze virtually all data measured by vehicle ECUs, supplemented by state-of-the-art acceleration sensors and GPS tracking, and transmit the information to the vehicle operator “over the air” almost in real time. A qualified analysis of vehicle data, events and changes to the ideal state is possible with the help of artificial intelligence in the Big Data Cloud. This analysis can be sent to vehicle management – in as detailed a form as the fleet operator desires.

carValoo Offers Maximum Transparency on the Relevant Vehicle Status

The basis of the carValoo offer is its cloud-based IOT platform. This is where the vehicle data transmitted by the GlobalmatiX xTCU Interface is acquired and transformed into customer-relevant information with the help of AI algorithms trained over years. These are made available to fleet management via WebApp Frontend and diverse APIs. carValoo thus offers maximum transparency of the respective technical condition of a vehicle. This is not, however, limited to remote diagnostics and location determination; it also includes, for example, the detection of damage of all shapes and sizes as well as operation-critical events in real time.

Particularly in cost-intensive claims management, which today is still essentially based on the expertise of an assessor, digitalization will generate enormous change. With the help of the data provided by the xTCU, the AI-based carValoo software not only detects major damage, but also minor damage such as scratches and bumps, which in most cases go unnoticed in a fast-paced environment with a frequent change of drivers. Fleet management receives a report about the damage in real time, including all relevant information on the vehicle, place, time, intensity and position of the damage, and can thus initiate all the necessary steps immediately.

Statements on the Collaboration

Alois Widmann, Founder and CEO of GlobalmatiX AG: “Our xTCU Interface is an interface with 1,001 possible applications which can be configured over-the-air depending on the needs and fleet vehicle, and which automatically adapts to the particular car model. The collaboration with carValoo is the next step into the German and international large fleet market which comprises several millions of vehicles.”

Tom Althoff, Managing Director of carValoo GmbH:
“We found the GlobalmatiX xTCU Interface compelling in several areas: Just one box for all application areas, the enormous volume in the areas data acquisition and transmission, the high level of data security and the future potential of being able to implement further innovative software solutions at any time. Because the digitalization of fleet management is still in its infancy.”

Very Promising Start for GlobalmatiX in Germany

After the product launch of xTCU in October 2021, GlobalmatiX AG has concluded four major contracts in just four months in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with MSS Holding AG / Enterprise Switzerland, Mosolf SE, carValoo GmbH and Roadsurfer GmbH. These are expected to generate a mid-7-digit sales volume in 2022. GlobalmatiX currently offers the widest range of data acquisition, data density and transfer security in the management of mixed-brand large fleets “over the air”.

Dr. Wolfgang Trier, Chairman of the Board of Softing AG: “With the joint solution of our xTCU Interface and the carValoo accident damage detection, the car reports the damage itself. Almost in real time, without any interaction from the driver. This is a major improvement for the constantly growing market of car sharing and rental car firms. In car sharing in particular, the high level of minor damage that cannot be attributed to the party responsible is having a very significant impact on the profitability of the business model. Our client carValoo is setting new standards in car sharing with this. In a first step, carValoo has purchased 3,000 telematics boxes for 2022.”

About GlobalmatiX

AG GlobalmatiX AG, a subsidiary of the listed company Softing AG, Munich/Haar, is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) headquartered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, which offers mobile data communication for vehicles and machines of all kinds in Europe and North America, as needed in the areas of (partially) autonomous driving as well as in other “Connected Car Services” of vehicles and machines. The company uses its mobile network license to operate its own telecommunications and telematics platform. Agreements with leading mobile network operators ensure that GlobalmatiX has access to the best networks worldwide. This mobile data communication is enabled with the company’s own eSIM (embedded SIM chip). This is how CANbus-based diagnostic data from mixed-brand vehicles and machines is made available in real time to the vehicle and machine fleet manager over secure cloud systems.

GlobalmatiX is headquartered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, and supplies vehicle manufacturers, and telematics and mobility providers worldwide with an innovative 4G/LTE/5G CAN diagnostic logger and nextgeneration GPS telematics interface for GPS positioning, tracking and remote vehicle diagnostics. This is needed for use in the areas “Connected Car”, (partially) autonomous driving, predictive vehicle diagnostics and the management of fleets of all sizes, makes and models. The smart Car-to-Cloud-toCompany service is safeguarded against unauthorized access with a patented security process by “Security by Design” and certified to the highest OEM requirements.

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