Roadsurfer Equips Entire Campervan Fleet with GlobalmatiX Telematics Solution

  • Fleet control with GlobalmatiX Car-to-Cloud-to-Company Management (C3M).
  • Ideal long-term partnership to realize the further expansion plans of both companies.
  • Initially, around 5,000 installations have been agreed by the end of 2022. 

18. January 2022 | Vaduz, Liechtenstein

As already announced in interviews and press releases, GlobalmatiX AG, Vaduz, a subsidiary of the listed company Softing AG, Munich/Haar, is increasing its growth quite considerably in 2022.

In the future, the entire campervan fleet of roadsurfer GmbH, Europe’s largest outdoor travel ex-pert, will be fitted with the GlobalmatiX interface. The campervan fleet will total 5,000 vehicles this year. This means that roadsurfer’s international fleet management will be possible for the first time with GlobalmatiX Car-to-Cloud-to-Company-Management (C3M), in conjunction with comprehensive software solutions, the company’s own cloud and artificial intelligence. GlobalmatiX currently offers the widest range of data collection and data density, transfer security and software solutions in the management of mixed-brand large fleets “over the air”.

Dr. Wolfgang Trier, Chairman of the Board of Softing AG: “Our young start-up GlobalmatiX is becom-ing something of a growth driver for the company. With the cloud-based xTCU telematics solution, the contact- and stationless Fleet Management 4.0 will be possible in the constantly growing market of car sharing and rental car firms.” The roadsurfer delivery volume will already total 5,000 units by the end of 2022.

After a thorough and intense comparison of competitors, roadsurfer GmbH opted for the xTCU interface including the comprehensive C3M software package. The GlobalmatiX package offered the best prerequisites for realizing the company’s ambitious expansion plans in Germany and Europe, also in terms of the IT. In 2022, the roadsurfer station network covers 50 locations in 12 countries. The campervan fleet consists main-ly of VW, Mercedes, Fiat and Ford vans with pop-up roofs. With its booking platform “roadsurfer spots”, road-surfer is also responding to the high demand for overnight stays on private and individual pitches in compact campervans as an alternative to large campsites and tourist hotspots.

GlobalmatiX President & CEO Alois Widmann: “As young start-ups, roadsurfer and GlobalmatiX both have very ambitious expansion plans well beyond the confines of Germany. Our Car-to-Cloud-to-Company-Management offers a holistic solution to digitize a large fleet of vehicles and always have a detailed overview of that fleet in spite of considerable distances. In this collaboration across countries, we can prove our capa-bility and expand roadsurfer – different applications with only one quickly retrofittable control unit per campervan – easily and cost-effectively."

Markus Dickhardt, co-founder and CEO of roadsurfer: “The GlobalmatiX service portfolio will be a central component of our international expansion program and the digitization of our fleet. Long term, roadsurfer will be an ecological system for sustainable outdoor travel and for that we need smart solutions, particularly when it comes to fleet management, to be able to control our rapid growth in the best possible way.”

The individualized service portfolio for roadsurfer is based on the GlobalmatiX xTCU Interface, an innovative 4G/LTE CAN diagnostic logger and next-generation GPS telematics gateway, in conjunction with proprietary firmware, a mobile network license including telecommunications and telematics platform (cloud). It includes the following:

  • Fast installation of the xTCU in just a few minutes.
  • Just one data transmission unit for all applications.
  • Works without limitations regardless of the brand.
  • Comprehensive remote vehicle diagnostics.
  • Early detection of impending defects, e.g. in the case of battery or engine defects.
  • Reporting impending service intervals.
  • Powering off vehicle components to avoid continued journey in the case of theft.
  • Opening/closing of doors without any additional hardware.
  • “Keyless to Go”, collection/return of vehicle without contact / station-free.
  • Final settlement upon vehicle return.
  • Reporting accidents.
  • Detection of minor accidents, which are often not immediately visible, incl. damage report and cost calculation.
  • Complete vehicle documentation (Car CV) with determination of current value when vehicle to be sold.
  • Top security thanks to unique encryption technology Car-to-Cloud-to-Company.

About roadsurfer GmbH

roadsurfer was founded in 2016 and is Europe’s expert in outdoor travel with its colorful campervans for rental, subscription and sale as well as its roadsurfer spots pitch-finder platform. The roadsurfer campervan promise: 24/7 service, ready-to-go camping package, flexible cancellation and rebooking options up to 48 h before the start of the trip, unlimited kilometers and always state-of-the-art campervan models.

With its core business of renting and selling campervans, the Munich-based company has more than 50 loca-tions in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Eng-land and Scotland and in 2022 has a fleet of just under 5,000 campervans made by VW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, FIAT, Westfalia and Bürstner. The company has become a digital lifestyle travel brand in the growing global outdoor travel market, not least through the launch of roadsurfer spots.

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